TL 9000 - Telecommunications quality management systems

If you are looking to market telecom products and services in the current competitive market implementing standards like TL 9000 will make your company is distinct from the competition.

In a field that is characterised by short life cycles of products and high quality and safety expectations It is possible to use the quality assurance standard for telecommunications such as TL 9000 certification for your benefit.

The globally accepted TL 9000 telecommunication standard defines the requirements of a quality management system for development, design production, delivery, maintenance and installation of telecom products and services. This emphasis on efficiency, cost control and reduction, continual improvement and improving relations with suppliers and customers can boost your competitiveness.

As a provider and supplier of telecom products and services and services, certifying your quality control systems in accordance with standards like TL 9000 helps to strengthen your communications strategy, supports the values that define your business and proves your capability to meet the highest standards in the telecommunications product and services sector.

Certification of your quality management systems in accordance with TL 9000 standards will provide the benefits listed below:

  • Reduces your requirement to meet other standards of quality management in telecommunications 9000: 9000 sets out a standard set of quality management system standards for the suppliers of telecommunication hardware, software, and services.
  • Improves your competitiveness by putting an emphasis on cost-based performance metrics, performance and overall cost reduction constant improvement of service and improved customer/supplier relationships.
  • It supports your communications strategy by promoting the fundamental values of your company, and showing your capability to meet the highest standards of quality in the telecommunications product and services market.

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Our telecoms auditors are equipped with the expertise and knowledge in the field of technology and regulation to provide the most relevant and accurate audits for TL 9000. Our auditors assist you in ensuring that you achieve your quality control for telecommunications and management system objectives whenever it is possible.

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