Responsible Recycling

Supply CTDI Recycling is aware of the global necessity for sustainable recycling practices. There are also environmental factors that require to be considered, but also the economic aspects that need to be evaluated. Make sure all electronic gadgets are properly recycled, but worker's safety and health needs need been taken into consideration as well. Still, you must ensure that your customers ‘Data is protected throughout the whole process of reducing environmental issues and addressing safety and health issues. This is why dealing with data security is essential.

The R2 recycler is essential to insure that your electronic bias is duly reclaimed all the way to their end of Life.

CTDI Recycling filters all E-scrap is a service we provide through our five recycling centres through our R2-certified warehouse, which ensures the electronic gadgets are properly and properly handled. CTDI Recycling feels that being R2 certified is a way to tell our guests that we're reliable. We accept that being a R2 affirmed organization is something worth being thankful for.

A certified recycler differentiates us as a leader in the industry and allows us to be an integral part of the effort to push the boundaries of the recycling industry recycling and handling of materials.

CTDI Recycling feels that being R2 certified is a way to tell our customers that we are dependable:

  • We care about the environment in the world and are committed to protecting the environment.
  • Data security is a major concern for our platform.
  • Electronics we make sure that the responsibility for the electronic equipment you purchase is handled by us from beginning until the final disposal.
  • We adhere to the most stringent of industry standards that are recognized by CTDI as a safe way to reuse electronics.

We are aware that businesses of any size, as well home owners, should have a trusted way to dispose of End of Life Electronics. CTDI Recycling regards data security as the top priority. Our electronics division is a top priority. Our electronics division is a top priority. R2 Standard addresses data security as the top priority within our electronics division and you can rest assured the electronic device you use is protected by our electronics division.

The management of the company is in accordance with the highest industry standards.

R2 Focus Materials

The R2 standard is primarily concerned with recycling. This is evident in R2 Focus Materials also known as FMs. They are made from electronics that were in use for a long period of time and are recyclable.

May cause harm if can cause harm if they aren't employed in a safe manner. Focus materials may contain:

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (CTDI) is the company that handles electronics in accordance to R2 standard. CTDI is an organization that is non-profit and dedicated to environmentally responsible usage recycling repair, as well as the repair of electronic equipment.

Why you should partner with R2 Recyclers

The R2 Standard provides a common structure for recyclers when recycling processes and documentation and data handling practices and security measures are involved.

As of today, more than 1000 facilities across more than 20 countries have received R2 certification. To keep recycle and reuse practices in the right direction these audits of organizations are conducted annually and with great care by an independent third-party.

If your company is working with an accredited electronic recycling firm you can rest assured they're meeting the most stringent standards for:

  • Data security
  • Safety and health at work
  • Environmental compliance
  • Transparency

With CTDI dedication to the continual improvement of the R2 Standard, every new version helps us continue our journey towards sustainable recycling. Quantum is certified to the most current version of R2 which is the R2. If your current electronic recycling service can't provide the same thing, it could be time to make a change.